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    Bandwidth reporting?

    I've recently switched hosts and seem to have doubled my bandwidth usage. cPanel shows 35GB while AWStats shows 8GB. At my old host those numbers were much closer. How can I tell what is eating my bandwidth (if anything), and if not, what can I do about these numbers? I'm having to buy extra bandwidth to keep up. Is it possible for someone to say they are going to give you a ridiculous bandwidth number then just double what you really have to keep you in check?

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    Have you checked if your Awstats are up to date?
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    Yes, it's up-to-date. This isn't a today thing or even a this week thing. This has been going on for months. It's just now that it's affecting me because I'm going over my bandwidth limit.

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    A simple verification : perform and download a full backup (not a home dir backup) then uncompress it.
    Open /cp/yourusername with a text editor and check if any dns entry is listed twice. In this case, contact your host as this is the cause of your bandwidth being counted more than once.

    Otherwise, you may want to thoroughly review your files and logs - just in case you've got hacked.

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    The hacked part kind of concerns me. Without AWStats giving me the entire picture (only shows 8GB used), what other ways would I have to see if one host or ip is using a lot of my bandwidth? Personally looking through 40GB of raw logs for a pattern seems ridiculous.

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