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    Intel Core 2 DUO ANY good for servers ??

    I understand Woodcrest servers have the same platform which should porbably mean they are very good, but are they better than opterons for instance?

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    No matter what, there will be atleast one fanboy remark from pro-intel or pro-AMD people..

    Me personally, I prefer the Core 2 Duo, not only in desktops, but in servers.. I've had some time to test the E6600, and all-in-all.. It's NOT a bad piece of silicone.

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    Dual core it's morden sollution it's technology for tomorrow. You have to remember it

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    From the testing we have done, I can say that the Core 2 Duo is a great performer, better than the Opteron 1000 series chips in almost every way. I highly recommend them, along with the new Woodcrest processors.

    The E6600 with 4mb of cache is as good of a value you'll find.
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