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    Arrow (For sale, content and domain) Huge amount of Traffic!

    Traffic Rank for 1,448,151

    Stats from

    Domain and content is for sale, at the right price. Thousands of hits daily, and not from any banner or advert links. Will sell via paypal.

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    You had a post about

    i asked for info and you never replied...


    Dude if you dont want to sell your sites dont post..
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrQuik

    Traffic Rank for 1,448,151
    Not to be harsh but that's a really really bad Alexa rating if you're claiming that your site is getting tons of traffic.

    How many visitors per day/pageviews per day are you getting?

    I'm not interested in hits as that is a meaningless statistic. One visitor can theoretically generate 10k hits in a day.

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