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    Flash Movie Developer Needed


    If you can develop a FLASH PRODUCT DEMO like one of the following

    Please contact me, Make sure you show us some of your previous work as well

    AIM: HighRollers82 or send a PM


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    Can be done .... however, donot have any previous work to show of. But yes, can be done without the Player part (as long as you have the player )... Making the movie is pretty simple though time consuming. We have two or three guys on our team who could handle it up if you require.

    We would look at a cost around 40$ for an upto 2 minute voice-less movie
    If you need Voice overs , we would charge 100$ for the same.

    Satisfaction Guarantee from - if you're not happy we will refund you upto 70% of the payment (30% is a low risk to take from a pretty good and well managed company backed by some great multinationals!)

    PM directly if required


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