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    demon webhosting

    i have a total of 25 gigabytes on several different accounts with hostgator for my personal site, but i now need a top end hosting account for my business site which will be taking orders via internet and giving support via internet 24 hours a day

    Demon internet webhosting:

    100mb space
    5gb transfer
    10 a month

    Now i know thats a good deal to have your site hosted on a real server cluster, storage array blah blah blah and i know ill never have to come on here and start bitching about how i wanted the world for peanuts and didnt get it,

    What i am not sure of is how big my mySQL database needs to be?

    By default they give you 10mb with the option to increase it for 2 per month per 5mb

    The only database orientated systems ill be running will be oscommerce, so will that be enough?


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    You know all depends on your project.
    As far as I know hosting companies put some connection limits in mySQL database. It must be written in terms.

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    What i am not sure of is how big my mySQL database needs to be?
    Test and find out with the highest amount of reliability.

    Install, configure and add the data to your OScommerce store using a local server (using for example). Once you're done, you can see how big the database is using phpmyadmin for example. If OScommerce gathers some data/stats or if you plan on adding more to your inventory, the database will continue to grow in size, so take this into account.

    Next you do your backups, move everything to the host's server, reconfigure what's necessary and you sell stuff like crazy. Hopefully.

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    Why do you think Demon will be a top end host?

    I know that the account is not cheap. But, whatever people say here, you don't always get what you pay for.

    I'd be reluctant to trust one of my business sites to a host that is primarily an ISP (and who has made their fair share of mistakes in that sphere in the past).

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