I am selling permanent PR3 and 4 links, inside a well written post. These aren't blogger, or blogspot, etc blogs. They have been hand - built from the ground up, and are hosted on their own domains.

Here's how it works.
I will compose a clever advertisement for your site, written in a way that will blend in with the content of my blog (if you want to provide the text, that's fine). This post will contain a thumbnail picture of your website, and up to 2 deeplinks you provide. I don't do any advertising on the sites (PPC, popups etc) so the focus is on the blog posts!

With your purchase, you will also receive a standard listing in my 2 directories, a $5.99 value, for free.

PR4 - Goldwater - $8.99
PR3 - Overruled - $6.99

Unique post on both for $13.99

Purchase this service for 1 site, and everything's $1 cheaper for all your other sites.

Satisfaction guaranteed: I write, then you pay.
Place order through PM. Don't forget URL's.
Feel free to PM with questions