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Thread: well i guess

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    well i guess

    well i guess this is the place to post
    my brother and i would like aphpbb forum but cant find were to get one
    we would like it to have the money, jobs, bank, shop but we can't find where to get one please help

    please note:it must be free we cannot afford a payed for forum

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    phpbb is open source software, you can use it for free.

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    You can find a free version in the Net.

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    ya phpbb sent me here and ive searched and searched but cant find it does anyone here have a link to a place were i an get it???

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    maybe lets find out shall we

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    Can't you just download PhpBB? The first link on google gives you their link.

    Do you mean you want hosting for a forum?

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    no i want a forum that ppl can post on

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    I think you may apply to any free-of-charge hosting and have you phpbb forum there. It can be,,,
    But it can be much spam and to avoid it you may buy the other pictures for your forum.
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    Yes, but before people can post on your forum - you require some webspace somewhere, with a forum software (such as PhpBB) running on it.

    Edit: You could try (That should be the proper URL)

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    yea im trying to find one but it's been forever since i got a phpbb forum and it's a lot harder then invision or probards but we want a phpbb so...

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    Well, usually most cPanel hosts should have an PhpBB auto-installer built in to the control panel. It shouldn't be too hard to install.

    As for hacking the code for the aforementioned features (money, shops, etc) - you would have to find these online - which should come with detailed step-by-step instructions for installation.

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    ok well ill start earching then

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    I guess, OP is looking for hosted free PHPBB forum, in that case try which is a free phpBB forum hosting provider.
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    phpbb software is a free forum software.

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