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www.riskfreehosts.com is now accepting web site submissions for qualified Web Hosting Companies. Risk Free Hosts was developed with the intention to serve potential web hosting customers but also qualified web hosting companies.

What makes Risk Free Hosts different from other web hosting directories?

Risk Free Hosts Directory, is a human edited directory; all submitted sites are reviewed; all web hosts must meet or exceed criteria we have laid down to be considered a Risk Free Host. Even hosts that advertise with us must meet or exceed the submission guidelines we have set down.


Risk Free Hosts helps potential web hosting customers find solid and reputable hosting. Not all web hosts will qualify but those who do will be able to display our verification seal. Seal date is updated daily showing that your hosting company is a verified with Risk Free Hosts.

To be listed in the Risk Free Hosts Directory and display our seal of approval, applying web hosts must meet certain guidelines before being approved.

1. The hosting company must display a contact phone number on their site.
2. The hosting company must have a 24/7-support desk system available 365 days per year.
3. The hosting company must provide an Acceptable Use Policy and or Terms of Service available for review posted on their web site.
4. The hosting company must provide an Uptime Guarantee.
5. The hosting company must provide a Money Back Guarantee.

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