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    Make online radio

    what the best method and software to make online radio

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    or however for newbie it might be harder to configure than shoutcast - family business, small travel agency in Poland

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    I ask about if anyone try Streaming with the Windows Media Encoder 9 series

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    shoutcast user

    i use shoutcast and would recommend it. i am very happy with it, its easy to use and has a nice panel. if you are a newbie like me, i strongly recomend it. then later on you can move on to better ones

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    I used to run an online radio station - I highly recommend using shoutcast

    Additionally, get the program SAM2 - it is great for online broadcasting! - Hosting websites since 1999!
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    i used to run habbohotel radio site and i used shoutcast with sam2 broadcaster it was a very good program but remember your computer must be up to spec aswell as it takes up alot of your virtual memory broadcasting from your comp
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