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    In need of a simple php FAQ script.

    Hello all,
    We are looking for someone to write us a simple php based FAQ script similar to the one found here: (this one is perl)

    We have searched for one but we have been unable to find something as simple as the script above.

    Here are the features we need:

    • Username / Password protected admin area where we can add, delete, and modfy ; FAQ's and categories
    • Simple search feature
    • 1 Page that outputs all Categories and FAQ's, with links to the answers on a seperate page
    • The ability to pull the list of FAQ's using a function such as getfaqlist() so that we can add the script to any page with ease
    • Short simple links such as: faq.php?id=11 (for sending via email)
    • A "Print" feature that will pull the FAQ from the database with no formatting.
    • Ability to accept html in the FAQ's
    • Flatfile database structure (not mysql)
    • Well documented code

    For an idea of the simple type of layout we are looking for, please see:

    If you are interested in this project, please email me: [email protected]

    If you are a php programmer looking for a hosting solution, we could possibly work out a trade for the programming services. Please just mention this in your email.

    Kind Regards,
    Chris Miller
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    Chris, I have been outsourcing scripting to

    Check them out

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    Why no SQL? It could be so much quicker and more efficient if you would come over to the light side.....

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    Chris Miller
    Custom Imprinted Promotional Products 1-800-750-8530 x221

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    I could do that, how much are you paying?

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    Cool FAQ script info

    I noticed the traffic from this site to mine and thought I'd say hi. Here are a few tips about the FAQ script running on my web marketing site:

    1. The FAQ data isn't stored in a single flat file. Instead, it creates a seperate folder for each set of questions and a seperate file for each question within that set. This isn't the most elegant way to do this, but I'm satisfied with the performance, so no biggy.

    2. Due to the structure of the data, if you decide you want to prioritize the FAQs it's pretty difficult to make that happen.

    3. The admin pages have links to the script designer's site. I recommend removing those so you don't click on those and reveal your password (which is in the URL during admin.) If you're building links to other sites you'll want to be aware of this as well. (switching from GET to POST might solve this but I haven't tried it.)

    4. It's a very easy script to setup and recommend it, but make sure it meets your requirements.

    I hope this helps.

    -Ed Kohler

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