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    Good connections to Level3 and Glbx (Global Crossing)?

    I need to get a dedicated server with good, solid connections to Level3 and GLBX. Can you please recommend hosting companies that provide this? Also, out of Softlayer, LiquidWeb, LayeredTech, Planet, which one would be a better fit with this requirement in mind?

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    I'd say go with ThePlanet.

    They just turned up a 10Ge connection to Level 3, and are turning up another 10Ge to Global Crossing in anothe week.

    They have a solid network as well...great company imo.

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    There are alot of providers that would offer what you are asking search the forum, Also i agree with cheyenne i would say the Planet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vigor has connectivity to Level3 & GLBX (I believe)
    GLBX isn't in our mix yet, but the contract is signed and planned to be brought up in December sometime.
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    The New York NOC has Global Crossing but not L3 if you want that. They have NAC though instead.

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    Out of curiousity... anybody know of good L3 connectivity in NYC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by quid246
    Out of curiousity... anybody know of good L3 connectivity in NYC?
    Voxel/Voxrox has connectivity to Level(3) in NYC. If you're willing to look in NJ you can also look at Choopa, who has Level(3), Savvis + others.
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    ColoGuys in Texas has Level3 and Global Crossing in their mix. Ukyo runs a first rate company down there, I would highly suggest checking them out.


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