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    Alabama Webhosting

    This is a regional (Alabama) webhosting site ... I am doing a lot of local advertising but not getting the orders or the amount of traffic I was hoping for. Please review and comment here. All feedback is greatly appreciated.

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    Couple ideas, take from it what you will....

    First, overall, the site looks fine. But it's a little generic. Have you considered using some Alabama or southern-US graphics? You advertise graphic design services, so why not give yourself something a little more unique?

    Oh, I just noticed the graphic design page is "Under Construction." Surely there must be something more informative you could put up there for the time being while you're still working on the page?

    I'd recommend spelling out TOS and AUP on the navbar. I'm pretty computer savvy, but even I didn't recognize AUP until I clicked on it.

    On boxes on the front page ("Web Design", "Web Hosting") make the top title a link too, not just the "learn more" text.

    Do you have any clients at the moment? A Testimonials page is always a good idea.

    Overall, I think the site is a good idea if marketed correctly. You'll probably have to branch out from the normal ways of advertising web hosting. In fact, your target audience probably doesn't even know what "web hosting" is, they just may know that they need someone to design a website for them.

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    I like the site and logo is really nice as well.Also, think you should advertise online. Google Adwords has a neat feature of Geo-targeting Countries and I think states. So you can target Alabama Residents.

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    I cannot notice the logo/header. Leaving that the site has a professional look. Have a check regarding the logo.

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