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    Looking for a cheap coder...

    I need someone to code some PSDs I have. Please PM me with your price per PSD. Thanks.

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    Please people give me offers that are feasable. I am not paying a 100 dollars for one PSD to be coded.

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    Maybe it's good to explain your budget and how you want it coded...

    Good luck!
    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, don't touch this!

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    ^Agree, that would be much help.

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    i will slice and code single page for $20 each.

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    Well I have a unique situation!

    I need two pages done but my designer sliced it already and he coded most of it but there is a problem that prevents it from looking right in IE. Here is a link...

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    This is still open

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    now thats what i call a MESS.
    tip: tell your designed that he is allowed to use background-repeat: and clear: in CSS, maybe that can help him solve the problem.
    even tho one would accept this project, it will be easier to re-code the whole thing instead of fix his code.
    As tuwebfacil said, would be much easier for all of us if you could tell your budged.


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    I can do 45 for both...Putting into consideration it has been pre sliced.

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    okey, now we start speaking, even tho it really doesn't matter that its pre-sliced already, since any coder wants a layout to be sliced the way he intends to code the layout.
    next question:
    payment method? how can you pay? paypal? creditcard?

    thank you

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    paypal would be the method

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    JOB TAKEN now

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    Double Post
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