I was looking around for a good host that would give one of my clients a professional website creation toolkit integrated with content management tools and webhosting services.

I found the website tools and templates at GUIStuff and REALLY liked the style. Then I see they have packaged tools and hosting services. Something they called GUIStuff Premium which seems to really be the WebInterlock service.

They give a mailing address of:

Ueland Innovations Group, Inc
5225 Blakeslee Ave #338
North Hollywood, CA 91601 USA

So what I really want to know is:

1) Does anyone use this service ? If so, what has been your experience so far ? Can they support a novice web content developer like my client ?

2) Does anyone know anything more about the Ueland Innovations Group and there past track record / reputation ?

3) Does anyone know where the webinterlock service is being hosted ?

4) Do you know of any other high quality services / hosting companies who offer a combination of web page template / design tools, content management tools, and web hosting services ?