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    WTB : banner spot for one year-anytheme

    i m an agent of TC ad company.We are looking for to find as many as sites to publish our banner.
    sample: those can't open the sample,the same ad about backgammon and poker on and is ours)
    you can make little change on color and size to fit your site style.

    we accept any theme site except teen ages porn related。blog,subdomain is ok.your site pr must have pr2+,banner must be put on homepage whatever header,footer,left,right,content etc,static.
    we will pay you one time fee for one year contract,maximal budget is 100$/Year per site.

    about process,if your site fit our all criteria(have other criteria which is too complicated to explain here) and you agree our price,I WILL Send you ad code, should put the ad up and print the contract then hand signed it.we process all payment only on 15th of every month,so you must send the scanner of contract or fax to the company before pay day and you will get pay on time.

    you can check my itrader and previous thread
    also you can check, it is a formal ad company,so it have df process with individuals. ,we have began this project for 3 months,all publishers get payment on time.

    many people complain our process is too complicated,unluckily,i m only an agent and i can do nothing to change it.

    so plz read carefully my thread,if you are sure you understand and accept our process,plz pm me your site and price for one year.Only if your site fit our criteria,i will reply asap

    anyquestion plz post here or pm me

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    about criteria,except those i have mentioned in the thread

    1)when check "www.yourdomain" in google such as "" the site should come out first in the result.remember must add "".

    2)type "link:http://www.yourdomain" in search box,we only count the backlink from df individual site,must have 5+ sites link to you in the list.

    3)if your site fit the criteria depend what we see. from, in location feild choose "united kingdom",then you will see the same search results with us and know if your site is ok.

    we don't care traffic or the position you put the ad only if it is on homepage, your site only need and must meet all our criteria i have mentioned.

    sorry for my poor english,anyone still have quesion plz post here,i will explain.

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