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    Need help setting my own payment system.


    I know this been discussed many times here, but this is serious here this time. I have patented a new technology and want to start my own service like PayPal(Moneybookers) and currently i have found the investors, who are ready to invest into the project. The problem i havent solved atm is how to allow people to upload the funds to the system via major Credit Cards, i guess it needs some personal agreements with Credit Card companies or i just can open a merchant account for my kind of service ? How much does it cost and are there any people that can help me in solving this problem ?


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    You need a special type of merchant account. You are looking at a lot of paper work and security deposits.

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    You can check out Bank of America, they might offer you a service like this. EasyTel uses them to load funds on a card. But it depends primarily on your backers and their funds.

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    you will need to be located or at least have an account in the states to get things started

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    One of these companies might be able to help you in setting up a merchant account to accept upload payments.

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