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    Using up left over space on reseller account?

    As my name suggests i'm a "smallhost" i have a reseller account with 1.5 GIGABYTES of space and 10 GIGABYTES of bandwidth, not a lot but enough for the sites i have on the server. In fact more than enough hence this post.

    I currently use roughly half the space so have around 700mb left, with about 7GIG remaining on the server.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to use up this space, i'd prefer to have something on there that's making me money obviously but it doesn't have to be somthing earning me anything right now, perhaps just something with future potential to.

    I don't really want to design sites or build new sites to fill the space as i've got very little time with the sites i have now. I would however consider maybe something automated which builds sites automatically and then i just upload them.

    So if anyones got any ideas of what i could do with the space and bandwidth please feel free to suggest them....

    btw selling it is proving VERY dificult and i think i could sell all of my space for about 1 and noone would buy it anyway just seems as if finding people to buy webspace is impossible lol (I say that on a webhosting forum )

    Thanks in advanced

    Tom Lowes

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    Oversell and sell a hosting account...

    Unfortunately, it isn't as easy as upload some automated and let is generate revenue unless you do it very well (which requires a lot of time and dedication)...Otherwise, everybody will be doing it.

    So really, either give it to a friend to use for free, or oversell and sell it. Careful how much you oversell though!

    Good luck
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    IMO the real waste is not the ~$5 worth of hosting you're not using, but the time you're spending trying to stop that. Simply enjoy the account for the reason you bought it and concentrate on developing those sites.

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    I agree with ldcdc. You'll waste much time for nothing trying to oversell and sell your account. It'll be better for you to optimize and develop your site.

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    What about backing up your home computer to it as thats useful and quick? Though read the TOS of for your provider as some don't like you doing that
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