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    Question Dedicated, VPS or Reseller.

    Hello, I'am quite new here on WHT, I have few questions on running web hosting business. Thing is i have design done ( ) and i have few questions i will be starting hosting company in few weeks. And i would like to know since i will have no clients at the beggining, but i will have some cash to invest in advertising. And i was wondering should i use dedicated vps or reseller, since i wont have any clients if i choose dedicated i might have some loss, not profit. Okey anyway i will have some cash to spend on advertising so i might not have loss. anyway i would like to know your opinion. Thank You. And if you say dedicated what specifics should it be.. ? I would get server from softlayer or layeredtech. If anyone would have some time please explain me briefly, Thank You!

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    It really depends on how much money you want to pour into your business. If you have a bit of money to pour in, dedicated would probably be your best bet. If you have some money, but, not as much, go the VPS route. And, I wouldn't recommend going reseller. For a dedicated specs, it again depends on what kind of money you want to pour in. If you have a bunch of money to pour in, then, you could use something such as a Single-CPU Xeon (or Opteron) box with 1GB or 2GB of ram. If you are running on a budget, you could work with a Sempron or a Celeron. What kind of budget do you have for a server?
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    A robust reseller host who provides the options to upgrade to a VPS or dedicated, is likely your best bet. If you grow fast, a good host will able to accomodate you and help you make the smooth transition to a larger solution. If you decide to go the dedicated route, make sure to inquire about management. What type of services/assistance do they provide? How is their customer support?

    Reseller accounts are good but you need to clearly establish policies on how much CPU utilization you would like, whether you'll have ssh, and just what type of clients you can accept.

    VPS is somewhat the middle-ground between the two--it may be necessary if you require root access or want more control.

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    Well at first i'am probably going with "Celeron", for while hold all customers on one server, and then when Celeron is not enough, I'am going get Xeon for customers to hold. And keep orgininal Hosting Website in Celeron server...

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    Probably the best advice I can give you is to get your company goals and policies straight from the beginning (which is boring and hard to do - almost paper work). Renting a dedicated server etc. should really be one of the last steps .

    To avoid common pitfalls you will obviously have developed your HP design and the backend DB system to your needs, so that ideally when you finally get the servers you just upload that stuff and can get going.

    There are some nice articles here on WHT and f.e. on on how to start or run a hosting business.

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    If you have the money I would go with a dedicated, but you should really have a business plan and look at that variable inside it. A reseller plan is also a nice way to save money and test the waters and with cpanel/whm and most panels its easy to move eventually but always easier to be happy first...
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    Also...have you asked these critical questions:

    1) Who is going to buy my hosting?
    2) How am I going to reach these customers without spending a fortune?
    3) Why should they choose me..over a host that has been around for much longer..has better support..etc...etc.
    4) How am I going to support my customers?
    5) Can I pay my bills for at least six months without counting on signups to pay the bills?

    I think you need to consider other things as well:
    If you are not a web site you have someone to do that for you?

    If you are not a technical person...etc....etc.

    I've seen many hosts have one piece of the puzzle..and missing several critical pieces. I've seen other hosts who have most pieces..but are missing a critical marketing.

    You can have the best widgets on the market..but if your customers don't know you exist...well...

    Please tell me you have marketing plans other than
    1) I'm going to post an ad on WHT

    Please don't consider selling hosting on a VPS..please look at my other posts for why..I don't feel like rehashing that here yet again.

    VPS's can help you get the skills you need to make the transition from reseller to dedicated...but please don't try to sell hosting served from a vps.

    Hope this helps!

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    Go for dedicated VPS, since you can keep your options open. With reseller you will be restriciting yourself to support your clients.

    Thank you.


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    Well ive beenin this business for 6 months now i did the samething your thinking i invested 3000 into the company did everything googleadwords and even the yahoo advertising program it does help in certain ways but you need a server offer more options to your customers and you best try and find the nearest datacentre to youand purchase your own server and run it from there from then the customer will feel more secure.

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    The two key points to think about is:
    1. Computing power, and
    2. Storage

    If you go for a reseller plan your hosting provider could be cramping sites on each server. So you may find it is cheap but not reliable.

    If you go for a dedicated or VPS you have the ability to fix your monthly cost. So every new customer adds to your bottle line. The thing to think about with regards to computing power and storage is scalability. As you grow your business you need more computing power and storage. In both dedicated and vps you can scale both.

    You may find that VPS will allow you to scale easier and cheaper.

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    i agree in some ways but dont you think he will need a dedicated server straight up as i i got people wanting vps's more then anything thats selling the best for me anyway but its if you have the funds to lose at the first 6 months.
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    scale is important i think.

    Quote Originally Posted by Notts-Promos
    i agree in some ways but dont you think he will need a dedicated server straight up as i i got people wanting vps's more then anything thats selling the best for me anyway but its if you have the funds to lose at the first 6 months.
    The real benefit for vps is you can start small and scale big quickly and cheaply. We have had clients at start with 256MB ram and move to 4MB ram with no problems.

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