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    PHP Radio & Web Chat Recommendation


    As it says on the title i am looking for a host which will be particularly good with PHP as I am intended to use it for a 24/7 internet radio website... i.e. the content of the website will be updated continuously with last played song etc...

    i am also looking for a web based chat system for the listeners... I know the below package is not going to work with CGI:IRC since it does not recommend PERL

    therefore do you have any other recommendations for web hosting ?

    and any other recommendations for a free web based chat module ?


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    have you try look into Shoutcast host with IRC host ?

    I don't think you can run Radio on 1and1 host, I could be wrong.
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    sorry, i think i confused you.. the radio will be streamed by another company ... the web host will just host the php files

    i was also looking at

    would you recommend it ? i probably don't need all that space but it seems that their cheaper package supports more stuff than 1&1 ... like PERL and CGI ...

    i am stucked with this host issue ! people tell me to come to this forum but i can't get a straight answer "go with this host" and get over it !

    i am not hosting any downloads

    i intend to have a PHB forum
    PERL webchat
    and a PHB website
    with lots of visitors 10,000 a month say and growing ...
    i probably need plentiful of bandwidth...

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    I think it's not bad hosting. I have looked through their package plans they seem O'k. Nothing bad was heard of them. Try.

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    OK, so I should go for wiredhub ....

    If someone has had bad experiences please let me know before I sign up in a couple of weeks time !

    Be aware that I have a UK domain ... I guess it's not going to be a problem transferring to wiredhub which is based in the US>>.

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