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    I would like to sell my domain

    If interested, give me a PM with your offer.

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    $500 is the current bid I've received.
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    whats revenue like?

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    None. I've been using the site as a testing grounds for php practice. I made an arcade site on it, and its been doing quite well actually. Brining in about 100 - 200 unique visitors a day on very little advertising effort.
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    Keep in mind the $500 offer was for the domain. I have a php site that I made on there right now. Has a few hundred games in a mySQL database. Registration, Logins, CMS, Admin/User Control Panels, User Uploading, etc etc. If anyone wants the site stuff with the domain, we can negotiate that too. It is something I made from scratch, so maybe you could resell it as a prebuilt Arcade Package with 200 games for $100 a pop or something. Just a thought.

    Anyway, I'll let this post run for another 7 days, and then I'll sell. PM me on WHT with your offer and if you want the site with it.
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