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    Text Links -$5 a Month

    I have a PR4 site: that is brining in 400 - 600 uniques a day. I'm offering site wide text links for $10 a month, $8 a month if you buy 6 months in advance, or $5 a month if you buy 12 months in advance.

    It is a downloading, webmaster, gaming, teen to young adult related website. I've been making some good money through Google Adsense, but I would like to open the site up to more indivdual companies that need text links.

    Shoot me a PM if you are interested. PayPal only.

    TextAdMarket -
    Supply & Demand Advertising

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    last chance!!!

    Site brings in 500+ uniques a day. is 6 years old.
    TextAdMarket -
    Supply & Demand Advertising

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    Where will the text links be located? Will they be in the sponsors area on the left or somewhere else? Let me know I might be interested.


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    yes, they will appear on the left. though, if you want it somewhere else, I can arrange for that, too.
    TextAdMarket -
    Supply & Demand Advertising

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