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    Lightbulb Steadfast's Upstreams: Does anyone understand the choices?


    I haven't emailed Karl with this question, since I've pestered him with too many questions as it is.

    Their premium network has earned a lot of praise, but does anyone understand the addition of certain upstream bandwidth providers?

    They started with Level(3) and Savvis, two excellent providers that have very low packet loss. Savvis has nearly none. Level(3) also has a ton of peering.

    Then they added ATT. I understand this, because I think that's the best way to get access to ATT's network and avoid congested peering (or so people have said on WHT in the past).

    BTN (PCCW) has some good routes to Asia, isn't generally considered Tier1. Nlayer is supposed to be a well run network, but I'm not sure they add anything that Level(3) + Savvis can't offer.

    And I don't know what to make of Telia. is using them, too.

    Can anyone shed light on this? Level(3) + Savvis rocks. Add ATT for access to their network. Add MCI for their awesome peering in some far-flung places in the world. Assuing this isn't all about $$$, I would have stopped there.

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    lots of people have telia in the USA to try to get stronger connections to europe

    FDC for instance has at least 1Gbit of telia for the soul reason of international connections

    The steadfast network is simply awesome.

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    BTN (PCCW) has great routes to Asia, and that will expand with thier merger/acquisition/whatever with the Reach network. Also, BTN (PCCW) has a solid backbone in the US and is always improving their peering.

    Level3 has been having some issues, a couple of data centers have dropped L3.
    Savvis has been having some peering / congestion issues.

    Adding BTN and Telia also provide a signigicant quantity of fail-over capacity, should L3 or Savvis drop.

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    Also telia and btn are low cost carriers which brings the overall price per mbps down.

    Nlayer has very very strong peering to alot of eyeballs (dsl, and cable providers) and also is a low cost carrier which brings the overall price down.

    I am not saying they are bad, we use telia, and nlayer ourselves as well.
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    The overall idea is to have a solid US core, with Level(3), Savvis, and AT&T then exanding on that with Asian connectivity from PCCW Global and European connectivity from Telia, who has some VERY nice international routes. nLayer is then added to extend overal peering, as they have some nice peering across the US, and they are simply great to work with. We need the large carriers, to get the connectivity, but it is just so much easier working with some of the smaller providers, getting lines installed in a day or two instead of a month or two, getting issues looked at immediately by a qualified engineer, etc.

    As a note, there are also plans to add Global Crossing in December to further assist with international routing, as well as some added US routes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KarlZimmer
    As a note, there are also plans to add Global Crossing in December to further assist with international routing, as well as some added US routes.
    Awesome can't wait!

    I can tell you that ATT is vital for gamers, because that's about all Comcast uses. So comcast cable users get very good pings, routes to Steadfast servers.
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