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    Anyone have experience with in Houston, Texas? Good or bad?

    Thank you,

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    I just ran a quick search on WHT and there arent any reviews of it... Maybe someone has used them before, but not posted. Anyway, from what I see, is unknown to WHT at the moment.

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    Have you tried to google them?
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    I have tried all of the search engines. All I came up with is web sites that belong to them or sites that are hosted on their servers. At least I didn't find anything negative.

    They offer co-location for $49 per month. That is awfully attractive but I hate to place a server there and then have them go belly up.


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    Never heard of this hosting. If you've already made up your mind share your experience with us later.

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    Hmm..never heard of them either. Theres also nothing coming up when you search here on WHT. Maybe they are new?

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    There you go, several customer feedbacks on their service.

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    Thank you very much for the link.

    I guess they have been in business for thee years and excellent customer reviews regarding their DSL service.

    Hopefully that will carry over to their co-location service.

    I post with the results back here after I have experience with them.


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