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    Looking for web designer to become partner in new site / receive profit share


    I have an idea for an online gambling related site which should be quite lucrative it is constructed well. From existing similar sites revenue of $10k / month should be achievable if it is done well.

    I am looking to create a partnership with the important positions being:

    SEO / Promotion

    I can supply all the content needed for the site and keep it updated. I can also supply the hosting required and will register the domain name that we select for the site.

    What I am advertising here is for a designer who could design and program the site. In return you will get a profit share (100% / people involved), probably 33% or 55%, i.e. 2 or 3 people). Once the site is constructed it is unlikely you will need to put any more time into it except for fixing any bugs, etc.

    If you are talented in SEO and promotion then we may not need a seperate person experienced in this. This would increase our individual profit shares. However, getting to the top of the rankings for a small number of selected key phrases will be imperative, and so the SEO role is very important. If you are only competent then this is best left to someone more experienced.

    If you are a skilled designer and interested in this please let me know.



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    Does this person need to know how to code? If not I might be interested in this...

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    If not able to code then they would be looking at a smaller profit share. What is your experience?

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    I'm a designer and i know so much things about seo.Pls contact me. I'm a new member so i cant send pm

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    I could design perhaps. Coding as well.

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