Hi folks,

I am having catchall email problems with my Ipower web/email hosting. I used to get all emails sent to invalid accounts forwarded to my personal (cathcall) account. However, this stopped working some time ago.

If I attempt to send an email to one of thse invalid accounts, I get a server response like this from the Mailer-Daemon:

<[email protected]>: does not like recipient.
Remote host said: 553 sorry, mailbox unavailable (#4.7.1)
Giving up on

I submitted a help request to Ipower, and they successfully tested the catchall email feature. So, I guess it depends somewhat on the sending email server configuration. But I think something must have changed with Ipower's server configuration, because I stopped receiving emails from many, many websites where I registered using an invalid email account.

Has anyone else on Ipower experienced this problem? Any suggestions on what to do about it other than hope Ipower comes through eventually?

Thanks for any help.