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    Getting Internet Line Problems...

    I've been trying to get T3 pricing from a variety of providers because I secured a large deal with a client. The problem is, I can't seem to really get any provider (save Sprint) to actually come back with some information on things like, what a T3 costs...

    Does anyone else have this experience?

    (Please, no comments about whether I have liability insurance).

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    Well, as most things, it depends.

    Full DS3, or Fractional? What region of the country are you in(Are you near any Metro Areas)? Are you looking specifically for information about how much the local loop costs, or the bandwidth cost (telco vs ISP, respectively)?

    Figure if you get a full DS3, bandwidth will probably cost you at LEAST 10k/month. (thats about $222/mbps). Most cases it'll be higher probably close to 15k/month ($333/mbps). Thats just for the access, for the local loop (the telco part of it) will probably cost about 2 to 3k/month. Again, this depends on a variation of things. Dont quote me on any of this though.

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    I want full T3 and it would be in NJ (I'm in Il). Basically I'm reselling it as a managed service including about 25 or so servers.

    I have an idea of the price, which is in the ballpark of what you are saying, but I need solid figures before I can quote a price to the customer, and I'm just not getting traction with companies on it...

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    564 is a good source for actually getting quotes. In my expeirnce most providors think "if you have to ask, you can't afford it" and won't even reply back.

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    Try to talk to them on the phone if you haven't already. In my experience the companies that provide connections are more willing to give you a ballpark quote if you ask them on the phone; but if you ask them through email, they usually don't give you really anything usable.
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    I regularly contact the big transit providers for pricing and they usually give me T1 and DS3 pricing, and I've never had a problem getting numbers from them.

    Worldcom charges $15,000/month in the Boston market for a DS3

    I'd recommend contacting them, Verio, and Cable and Wireless. Sprint's not the greatest when it comes to Internet connectivity.
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    Had a C&W (Cable & Wireless) salesrep call ME the other day. As he explained, C&W has spent the last few years "wasting time" on services other then plain old IP transit.. and now they've realized "we've got this huge backbone, and nobody on it."... so they reorganized their sales a bit, and are pushing IP connectivity options bigtime... He claimed since they were going all out on IP, pricing was very competative, quoted me Full T1s for ~$700, including the local loop (Which, compared to the last one I actually got was $1200 with loop, less then a year ago, from a lesser provider)

    Just a tip for anyone searching for IP transit.. C&W is looking alot more competitive on pricing then they did 2 or 3 years back. (I remember 3 years ago, they wanted to hit us for $3500 T1s, everyone else wanted $2200)
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    I jsut want to echo the sentiments of others here, I have gotten line pricing from vendors before and never had a problem getting them to give me prices.

    Your best bet is to call, and have someone fax/e-mail you a quote, and let them know you are looking so they will give you an attractive quote . If possible, hold out until the end of the month before signing the contract. Especially if you can sign by the end of June...because not only is it the month, but it is also the end of the quarter for they will probably want your sale to make their quota -- this gives you some bargaining power.

    If you are having trouble getting a quote from a WorldCom rep, let me know offboard and I will have someone contact you directly.

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