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    Hosting N00B with questions

    Hey Everyone,

    I've enjoyed reading the forums. My partner and I have fallen into doing some web-hosting for our clients. We do a mix of IT outsourcing, custom software development, build web sites, etc. Basically a one stop IT shop for our clients that don't want anything to do with computers.

    We have a small server setup co-loed at Peak10 Jacksonville. We are rapidly growing our business and client base to the point where the hosting side is gone from a nice little side venture to fairly significant. We have no intention of getting into the commodity hosting market. We want to offer a tightly well managed Windows 2003 hosting solution for our direct clients.

    We currently rent rack space by the U in the shared area of Peak10 and we are buying bandwidth by the GB. I've talked to Colo4Jax and they seem to offer a pretty attractive solution but Peak10 is closer to the office and it'll be a real hassle and risk to move all of that hardware across town.

    Does anyone here have some experience with Peak10 and their bandwidth charges as your need increase? I have to keep the bandwidth costs reasonable so that we can remain profitable. Any advice from the more experienced folks on the board would be appriciated.

    Thank you.

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    Hey there,

    I've no experience with Peak10, but they appear to be sufficiently multi-homed from looking at them from several route servers.

    The price you'll pay will likely have a lot to do with how much you'll pushing, giving you more leverage to negotiate a fair price. You'll also have to decide what billing method you want to be billed in, 95th percentile or average sustained(per GB)--both have their advantages and disadvantages.

    I'd suggest you sit down with Peak10 and find out what services they offer and at what price they offer them at so you can ensure what you need them for won't break the bank. Then, sit down and look at your usage to decide which billing method will suit your needs best, after this sit down and negotiate with your prospective provider for a price that will suit your requirements.

    Hopefully all that made sense, let me know if you need clarification on anything I said. :-)

    - Rory

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    Ray at Colo4Jax has been very helpful to us for certain applications. I can attest that he is a true professional. Why don't you try to talk to him directly about your needs? I'm more than sure he'd be able to give you good options.
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