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    Looking for Partnership with someone experienced in SEO and advertising for new site.


    I have an idea for a new online gambling related site which could turn out to be quite lucrative.

    Owning several gambling sites at the moment I am in a position to supply all the content and keep everything updated. I can also supply all the necessary hosting.

    What I am in need of is someone who is experienced in SEO and can get us to the top of the search rankings for a couple of key phrases quickly. This will also include assistance and reccomendations in acquiring a suitable domain name for the site.

    I will discuss the design of the site (this may affect the SEO) and advertising costs with anyone who is genuinely interested.

    I'm thinking of a 50/50 partnership of profits, but am flexible depending on the input of the parties. I'm probably just looking for one partner but could work with up to 3 if everyone could bring something valuable.

    Please get in touch.



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    Drop me a PM.. i may be able to help but theres no quick solution for seo..

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    matrixnet, if you specialise in seo then i might need your services, added to msn.

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