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    [PHP] Send email to every address in a table?

    I'd like to send an email (static) to every email stored in a table.
    I've already managed to delete all duplicate content in there, but now im stuck.

    table = emails
    field = id, field = AuthorEmail
    id is unique but it's missing numbers, from where there was duplicate entries

    How would I select an email one by one and mail() them the email?

    php snippet would be greatly appreciated
    Thank You

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    Perhaps with phpmailer, it is possible to send messages to multiple email addresses. Althought, if it doesn't work, you should do this from a class function.

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    PHP Code:

    "SELECT * FROM email ORDER BY id";
    $result mysql_query($sql);
    $row=mysql_fetch_array($result) {

    $email $myrow["email"];

    $message "Hello whatever your name is. your message here";


    "mail sent to $email<br>";

    i dont think i wrote the mail() part right.....i couldnt remember it all...

    but there is the sql query

    the $email variable is selected one by it will fire out emails to people in your table

    hope that helps


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    Quote Originally Posted by horizon
    Perhaps with phpmailer, it is possible to send messages to multiple email addresses. Althought, if it doesn't work, you should do this from a class function.
    It is indeed possible to send multiple emails using phpmailer. What "class function" are you talking about? Please stop making disinformative posts.

    An addon to mikey1090's post and a change of the method. To avoid multiple mail() function calls, you can specify a list of mails which should recieve the mail.

    Downside: everybody that recieve email can see the list of emails in the list.
    Fix: do a research of email headers ( is good for a start).

    Sample code, might contain errors:

    PHP Code:

    = @mysql_query('SELECT AuthorEmail FROM emails');

    $email_to = @implode(','mysql_fetch_array($query)); // untested, beware before copypasting :)

    $subject 'Subject';
    $message 'Email message';

    'An error occured: 'mysql_error());

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    Why not use Bcc: header?

    Test first in your environment, but the following in a Postfix environment will result in mail without BCC being advertised to recipients.

    From: Foo Bar <[email protected]>
    To: Info <[email protected]>
    Bcc: [email protected], [email protected],
           [email protected], 
    Subject: test
    Hey, you didn't see the bcc list.
    Populate the above with valid email addresses and senders, save it in a text file, and try this:

    sendmail -t < testemail.txt

    (Postfix takes over "sendmail" command). Once you've ascertained that your smtpd behaves properly, then you can code a solution in PHP.

    edit: be sure to include addresses inside and outside of your smtp server's span of control.
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    The reason you may not want to use BCC is that with multiple mail calls you can personalize the email. This is a snippet from my personal site I use to spam my friends about events and updates.

    PHP Code:

    /// basic mysql query function - returns an array of results or false on failure
    function query($q) {

    $link mysql_connect($settings['dbhost'], $settings['dbuser'], $settings['dbpass']);
        if (!
    $link) {
    log("Could not connect to database.");
        if (!
    is_resource($result)) return $result;
        else { 
    // only select should return a resource
    $return = array();
            while (
    $row mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) array_push($return,$row);

    /// sends a personalized email to everyone in the peeps table
    function mass_mail() {

    $subject trim($_POST['subject']);
    $content stripslashes($_POST['content']);
    $from $settings['mailbox'];
    $mailheaders "From: $from\nReply-To: $from\n";

    $list query("SELECT * FROM peeps");
        if (!
    $listlog("Something screwy with the list?");
        foreach (
    $list as $l) {
    'Dear '.$l['name'].',


    .    "If you wish to remove yourself from the NeoHz mailing list follow this link:\n".
    mail($l['email'], $subject$content$mailheaders);
    log("Spammed ".$l['name']." on ".date("r"));

    This is a fairly small list though (roughly 100 and change). A larger list would require more error checking and or splitting the job into sections. missing is the log function (which simply writes to an array which gets dumped it into a file) and the settings array where I keep all the db info, addresses etc... There may be other stuff missing aswell seeing as it is a cut and paste but gives you an idea.

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