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    Question Restricting Sendmail incoming connections

    I would like to restrict incoming SMTP connections to my Sendmail 8 server based on a list of pre-approved IP addresses/subnets.

    Can anyone suggest the easiest way to do this please?

    Many thanks.


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    the best way is iptables

    first you must make new rule

    iptables -N smtp

    then type

    iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 25 -j smtp

    after that you will put the IP address that you want to allow them to enter smtp connections

    iptables -A smtp -s IP -j ACCEPT

    replace IP with the IP that you want it to access smtp

    after that DROP any other packets , by

    iptables -A smtp -j -DROP

    Cheers ,

    SoFy .

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