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Thread: Liksang vs Sony

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    Liksang vs Sony

    Liksang is a company based in hongkong that sells imported game to another countries. Currently it is closing down because of Sony. You can view on its main website on the news regarding about it:
    and from gamespot website:

    Is it a wise move by Sony ?
    And why only Liksang ?

    In my opinion, Sony should rethink the marketing strategy (for the game console) and try to be more creative. This move is unnecessary. So what about guys ?
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    Another reason not to buy Sony consoles..

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    Another updated link from gamespot:
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    I don't think the ps3 will do well. For one it's expensive and it's not innovative. All they did was make it more powerful and perhaps have better graphics. Yet, the market seems to show gamers prefer gameplay and getting drunk with friends while playing games. (Wii seems like it'll do great in that market)
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