This is basically to other hosts..do you understand memory allocations?
I just went with what was presented (On a vps from somebody else) and build on it. These numbers don't look right at all...surely there has to be a madness to the method!

Here's how I started:

Ok..64MB with host R has: 2700000: 3000000

Fine..so I just doubled..makes sense..

96: 4050000: 4500000
128: 5400000: 6000000
256: 10800000: 12000000

and so on. I have yet another VPS from yet another host..and they have really odd numbers:



Now..to add even more fun to this..I have ve2 with them-the 580/880 job

Allocations are:

14517964: 16131072

With other allocations more generous than most. Bottom line is: It all depends on what you are doing. Like..for example..I had never had problems with VPS's running out of: Numproc and Numfile..until Websphere App server and Sun App server came along.

To add to the general confusion...I asked vzsplit to do it's thing. I mean..if I have a server with 2GB RAM..and I want a "real" allocation for a 256MB VPS...makes sense..to feed it 8 and 16 vps numbers. Here's what it says:

8 VPS's- KMEMSIZE="22825164:25107680"
16VPS's- KMEMSIZE="11412582:12553840"

and that doesn't mesh with the other numbers at all! Yeesh.

Are these numbers they just pulled out of the air? Or is there some logic to this?