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    Downgrade suggestions?

    I have been using a dedicated server via Orangefiber for almost a year now and i've been loving it. However, I unfortunately no longer am generating enough revenue to afford the server and I am looking to downgrade to, most likely, a regular shared server. I still use a good amount of bandwidth but I'm thinking 2+TB will suffice with 100GB+ storage.

    After searching the forums for a bit, one of the hosts I've found that looks quite appealing is one of Dreamhosts plans ( However, some of the reviews seem to be great while others contradict them so I'm not sure what exactly to expect.

    Do any of you by chance have any experience with them or could offer any other suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    The reviews alone here on WHT should be quite enough to give you an idea of whether or not you wish to go with them. If you are worried about performance or even customer care I wouldn't make the plunge. I think they have a money back guarantee if you are not a happy camper by the end of that time frame.
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    What I suggest is to carefully weight the load your site(s) put on a server. Shared hosting, despite the various rising allocations, is still ultimately, a cheaper, less powerful form of hosting than dedicated. 100Gb can require a whole server depending on the type of usage.

    Discuss with your prospective host about this (describe your sites and level of traffic as best you can), and see what they advise based on their experience.

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    With that amount of bandwidth/space needed I'd HIGHLY recommend splitting them across several hosts or at least several shared accounts on the same host.

    Having them all on a single account is going to be a disaster unless you're paying for what you're using.
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    I often wonder whether TB in offers stands for "terabytes" or "theoretical bandwidth" units? Either you will have to pay a realistic amount for bandwidth, or find a host that can actually deliver to some what it oversells to all by setting up a system that allows it to break the usual rules. Good luck! - Find a web host, read tips and commentary, and keep up with hosting deals and trends - Locate realistic hosting plans; avoid oversellers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by iLaunchCreations
    I'm thinking 2+TB will suffice with 100GB+ storage.
    There's not many people who would expect to get that from a shared account. I'm sure that Dreamhost will let you have the quantities stated in their plans, but you will have problems if you are expecting that amount of bandwidth from dynamic sites. If that's the case, I'm sure you will find that your sites will put too much load on the server.

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    2TB/100GB storage on a shared plan would not be a very good idea for a dynamic site, besides most of the hosts offering such plans on shared servers are the one's who are overselling and there is a good chance that you will run in to problems.
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