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    Game Hosting ===> Psychostats-Only

    Does anyone here offer or know of a hosting company that offers game hosting for Psychostats only? I'm not looking for a game host, I'm set on that, but I am looking for a host that will either allow me to push or pull the logs for my CounterStrike game server, then do the processing for these files and host the resulting HTML pages.

    I used a service that offered for doing this, but they were bought out and the new owners nixed the service. What I liked about this service was that it was fairly hassle free for me, all I did was set up the file transfer for the logs, and they handled all of the psychostats processing, configuration and web hosting of the results web pages that my community could access.

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    Have you tried to google that? You also may have some luck searching the WHT forum

    Don't you just hate it when a company is bought out and the service offerings that made the business were taken off....thats crap IMHO heh. Anyway good luck with Google!
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    There's a lot of game server companies that will host them for you if you have a game server for them.

    Other than that, the actual process is quite a resource intensive one that ideally you should do at 4am in the morning or similar to avoid overloading the server.
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