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    * webhostplus

    down since yesterday,

    10/28/06 00:59 " Datacenter network maintenance. We expect to finish it soon. Sorry for delay."

    50%+ packet loss all day, down completely now.

    calling their phone # gives options of which neither tech support or network status seem to be valid extensions (funny )... anyone know more about this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by b3n
    anyone know more about this?
    Nope, and nobody every will. WebHostPlus is a horrible company, search for their name on this forum. The best advice anyone here can give you is to pack up your files and find a new host ASAP.

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    My partner and I lost several servers in ONE DAY with them.....down for over a WEEK (I think it was 9 days), before one of the servers came back.

    They are a horrible, useless company and should be avoided at all costs.

    Just do a search for WHP or WebHostingPlus on this forum, but make certain you are sitting down.

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    - That's how bad it is....

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