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Thread: cPanel Error

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    cPanel Error

    I wanted to remove some parked domains via cpanel but got the following error:

    Error from park wrapper: Unable to find out which user owns the parked domain

    Anyone knows how to fix it?

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    The besy way to resolve problems like this is to contact your hosting provider, it may be an internal problem within thier accounts
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    Seems that its unable to find the user for the parked domain. Do you have root access to this server? If so, try the following:


    check the entry in /etc/trueuserdomain


    Try searching all the user files in /var/cpanel/users/ for the domain
    if that is not the issue have a looksy in httpd.conf

    Also try:


    If you DONT have root access to this server, I believe the only one capable of fixing an issue like this would be root admin or any root access person. Contact your host, they should know what to do.
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