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    Thumbs up Liquid Web Review and High Recommendation

    My Expereince With Liquid Web:

    I am not a paid endorser or employee of liquid web – just a happy customer

    In short:
    Liquid web is a great hosting company with reliable uptime and fantastic support. They are not a fly by night operation, they are truly staffed 24x7 with numerous techs and offer ticket based support and phone support. A rarity in today's hosting market.

    In Long:

    I had to migrate a site from downed server on a late Tuesday night (9pm). The site could not be down any longer and the current hosting company needed more time before the server would be back up. I had the mysql dumps and the tar file of the site from a backup script that runs every night and uploads them to my dev box.

    I had liquid web for another client who needed hosting and wanted 24x7 support by phone for his two websites. They had 100% uptime for the 6 months that client was with them so I figured it couldn't be all that bad! I phoned in and spoke to Benny, a technician and sales person. (It seems as though everyone is a technician, at least everyone I talked to. I was never transferred because the tech did not know the issue or the problem or how to fix it.) I explained my dilemma and I also told her my needs. I needed PHP 5.0, and it had to be on a different shared server than my other client. I also told her I would need someone to untar my files as root so the permissions would stay the same and make the migration much easier. They would then have to change the group and owner settings. Basically, I was in a bind and being a greedy SOB. She said no problem, place the order on line and call me right back and I will activate the account.

    I placed the order on line, called back and spoke to a Dave. (Did I mention no holding time at all?) I told him I was calling to activate my account and so he did. I then had ftp access and began uploading my tar. I then called back again and spoke to a very friendly rep, and linux guru, who uncompressed my files and changed the permissions. We even had a 5-10 minute discussion about our favorite distros.

    It is now 11pm, I logged into cpanel and phpMyAdmin to do the mysql dump. I realized it was 16 MB and we all know phpmyadmin is a bit shaky at importing huge dump files. I then called Liquid Web AGAIN at Midnight! I spoke to another technician (I really wish I remembered all their names, it's been a few days), I told him the sql dump was in my home directory and I just wanted someone to log in and import it. He said he was not 100% sure how to do it without affecting cpanel and wanted to just double check with someone. (I assume he was just told to do a mysql -u root mydb <my.sql) He placed me on hold for a minute or two, came back on and said I'm doing it now.

    I hung up and checked phpMyAdmin in a few minutes and it was all there! Yay!!! My Site worked. Let me set up the shared ssl url and I can go to bed right? Wrong! But don't worry Liquid Web was there to help! It seems that when using the SSL URL I would get a forbidden error every so often (1 in every 3 page loads) and a few broken images. I knew the forbidden was not my fault, but I though the broken images were from a bad tar. I called in, explained the situation, I spoke to a man named Scena. He told me the server I was placed on was a brand new shared server just put live, and he would look into it. It took him about an hour and a half to find out that it was a bad apache mod_gzip problem on the server, he fixed it and updated my ticket. It was now about 2am! Scena was working on my issue for the full 1 &#189; hours, and I know, because I called in 2 or 3 times to check up on the status of my problem. I did not know if I was being pushed to the back burner and this site could NOT be down any longer. Every time I called they were not only profession but extremely nice – something I know is tough to do when a customer keeps calling in!

    Everything worked great in firefox, and I set up the old server to have zero permissions and set error_docs to forward to the new website, that way I can get a zero propagation time on the website side of things! I went to bed. Early morning, a phone call comes around telling me the site is still down. I called in at 8am and spoke to a rep. We stayed on the phone for a good hour trying to trouble shoot why it would work in firefox and not at all in IE. I wound up using curl on my linux box and discovered that it was an SSL issue. The tech than said he knew how to fix it. It was about 9am now, I let him off the phone to get the files for the certs he needed. It was nearing 10am and I still did not hear back and the site was not up, I called in and got another tech, I told him my situation and he placed me on hold for thirty seconds. He came back and said there was still an issue. (I knew what the fix was so I was surprised it took this long, all it was is scp'ing the files and updating the apache conf file) So I talked shop for a minute or two and he basically said we did that but cpanel is still not loading the cert. I know how cpanel and plesk can be very finicky when it comes to these things from past experience so I let him go! A few moments later I got the email updated that said all was working and a detailed explanation of why c panel was not taking the cert at first.

    So you might read this and say to yourself, if this customer had this many hiccups why is he recommending liquidweb – well here is why: It isn't until you have problems that you find out who is good and who is not. I was able to call in at least 15 times OVERNIGHT and talk to several knowledgeable friendly technicians, with no hold time, who were in an office all sitting near each other. This was not an on call service, or some tech on call from home! They were all prompt and they were able to fix EVERY single one of my problems in a more than suitable amount of time.

    Think about it, every single one of my request were resolved in less than two hours. This is remarkable. I thought for sure they were going to get frustrated with me calling in so much and requesting to speak to whatever tech I spoke to before, but they were all friendly and wanted to help.


    I have three accounts with them right now and I figure by the end of November that will triple.

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    Good job with the review. Good to see another happy customer of LiquidWeb
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    Now that's one very detailed review! Not everyone likes them this elaborated, but I'm a sucker for details. Well done!

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    I agree, great job on the review. Always good to hear users being satisfied with their host!
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    Great job on the review!

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