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    Thumbs down WebRino merged with Poised - Site ripped off

    Quote Originally Posted by WebRhino CEO
    Web Rhino Internet Merger


    Web Rhino Internet a leader in web solutions to the Web Hosting industry has merged with a leading marketing firm from Beverly Hills, CA. We are now known as "Poised Marketing Group". Our creative team has not changed and remain to have a dedicated marketing group tailored to the web hosting industry.

    Visit us today at: ,

    Thank you! - ORIGINAL - RIPPED

    I don't get why Poised ripped off oxidev website as they are web company. Poised shouldn't say they are leading marketing firm because they used oxidev's sub page.
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    can't seem to reach the poised site
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    They ripped it badly. Original still looks much better, and it's better organized too.

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    When you first look, they look somewhat different. However, after you view it for a bit, it becomes obvious that its a pretty much straight up rip.

    Shame on webrhino (PS - the shadiest company ever after that fake check thing)

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