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    Post Ubiquity Servers Chicago 1.5 Year Review

    We have been with Ubiquity Servers since March 29th, 2005. Keep in mind this was back when they used Team Technologies in Cedar Falls, Iowa with Internap bandwidth. Since then we have been with them through their move to 350 East Cermak. There were some rough times with the whole Team Net thing back in 2005. However, each of these incidents was very well explained to our staff and we always received great communication from Ubiquity during those incidents. It got better as soon as the move to 350 Cermak was completed, and has been great ever since. We started out with one Pentium 4 system with a GB of RAM and their shared 100 Mbps unmetered plan for our IRCd Hosting accounts. Our company now has fourteen dedicated machines and two collocated with Ubiquity, ranging from Celeron-based machines all the way to Dual Xeon machines with 2 GB of memory.

    We have been pushing a consistent 200 Mbps at 95th percentile billing through their Chicago network for the past few months (we started out using around 3 or 4 back in 2005) for our streaming media customers. They have a 100% Power and 100% Network SLA, which is great. We have never had an issue with the network, or had any power issues since we’ve been there. Their uplink providers are Level3, Savvis, AT&T, PCCW Global, nLayer, and TeliaSonera for inbound, and PCCW Global, nLayer, and TeliaSonera for outbound. This provides us with a great bandwidth mixture for streaming services, low latency, and thus has allowed us to provide our customers with an excellent hosting experience.


    Ubiquity provides 100% Power and Network uptime SLA’s, and we have never had any issues with it. We push a consistent 200 Mbps usage through it and never have any dropped packets, and the latency is always consistent. Not much else to say there – it’s just great.


    What really makes Ubiquity stands out from other companies is the service level. There are a lot of dedicated server companies out there. While many of them may have excellent network connectivity, not many of them have excellent service and support. The guys over at Ubiquity are very down to Earth people who are always willing to answer any questions you may have. I’ve always received honest answers from them, which is something that I really value about working with them.

    You can call Ubiquity day and night, and always get an answer. This is extremely important to us. I cannot stress that enough. The type of customers we handle, if anything network related starts to show inconsistencies, we know about it, immediately. Given that our customer base connects from all over the world, if anything happens, no matter what time of the day, we have to be able to get in touch with someone regardless if it’s 4 AM on a Saturday night.

    We’ve had a few times where we had to move IP’s from one system to another, and they’re the only company that we’ve worked with besides 49Pence that have allowed us to do that. Furthermore, they’re very flexible on bandwidth, and working with you on commits. Obviously since we have a 200 Mbps commit with them, we’ve had to work with them quite a bit on that.


    There are a few things that they provide which I feel necessary to mention here. Since we have a lot of dedicated servers with them, we need a decent setup to control and manage them. We have always had remote reboot ports, but they recently implemented a service panel called “UbiquityNOC,” which allows us to setup alerts in case our servers go down that can text message or send us an e-mail. We can also setup service alerts that can let us know if any of our services such as HTTP, POP3, etc., go offline. This has been quite useful for us with our apache servers we have running on their network. We can also reboot our servers directly from the web site which is nice when we need it. We also have a few servers with both LayeredTech and The Planet down in Dallas. UbiquityNOC is not quite ORBIT (The Planet), but definitely has some nice features.


    We currently have two Interworx machines with Ubiquity. Interworx is a web-based control panel for web hosting and system management that provides us with a very clean, easy-to-use interface for our employees and our web hosting customers – and Ubiquity’s one of the select few that delivers it. We have pretty much moved 90% of our web hosting client base over to Interworx from CPanel. We have had a lot of issues with CPanel, and generally just do not like it that much. Interworx is a lot more streamlined. Since the move, we have received quite a few comments on the new web panel, most of them talking about how simple it is to use and how much they love the real-time graphs.

    In Short

    Overall, our experiences with Ubiquity have definitely been one of our favorites. I would gladly recommend them to anyone looking for dedicated servers or collocation in the Chicago area.

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    While I know ubiquity is a respected company, you'll have to post your domain or ticket it to the staff here to verify your review.

    Thats a very good review, though

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    Thanks -- they've been awesome so I felt a review was justified.

    I opened a ticket about it to WHT with our IP's. Thanks for the heads up.

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    Wow quite an awesome review thank you....

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    Thanks for the kind words guarnibl - we aim to please.

    Your frustrations very early on in Iowa were definately shared, setting up camp in Chicago in July of 2005 still stands as probably one of the best decissions I'd say we've ever made. I have no doubts now we'll be at Cermak for the duration.
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    Quote Originally Posted by guarnibl
    ... I opened a ticket about it to WHT with our IP's ...
    Everything seems in order. Thanks for sharing your experience.
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    Excellent -- you're very welcome.

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    It is great to know this host for chicago. By the way, I never heard about this brand anywhere else

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