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    190 : Good Marketting or TOP SECRET?? is a website that is intentionally cryptic, mysterious, and intractable, offering only a few nonsensical pages. The site's style is of small text centred on a black background, short aphorisms and hidden links. It has an immediately dark, cultish atmosphere.
    The years-old site is the frontend for a secretive global group with an unknown purpose, although it is likely to be no more than a collaboration for (yet, equally, this could be no more than the surface). Despite the site's sparseness, it receives millions of visitors daily
    I saw this domain in a thread about 2 hours ago and did a little research, this at first site seemed...unusual they say its mysterious TOP SECRET website...automatically implied that it costed ALOT...6 figures im assuming...

    Now i for one do NOT believe in the fact that it has its so called "Secret Community" under it because if it did it will automatically be relaesed to at least 200 people..i mean come on!

    And this all seems like a GREAT marketting tactic everybody who is watching LOST knows what i mean by now!

    And if they are getting SOOO much traffic then why dont they have a pr...or at least some alexa traffic reports??

    I say cheers what a hoax and a great marketting tactic there!
    And Aronson's personal website doesnt have any pr or any alexa rank ( or may be my toolbars are broken )

    Here is some info on

    They even have a SSL cert...humm....a parallel web that cant be accessed by WEB why would such a site need a SSL cert?

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    If you read the domain didn't sell for what they wanted it to, it is a big marketing ploy with Moniker behind it.

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    Well, that's one way of seeing it..
    Aren't there any other possibilities?
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    Quote Originally Posted by RossH
    If you read the domain didn't sell for what they wanted it to, it is a big marketing ploy with Moniker behind it.
    Somehow i knew you would reply here always with the correct news haha..

    thanks for that i didnt knew it didnt sell been googling alot but didnt find any sale pages and if moniker is behind it then wouldnt it be "cheating" the public while being one of the biggest registrar...that could sure turn some heads

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    Good reading

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