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    Shameless Webhosting [Newista] now [Some Logic Inc]

    Beware from shameless webhosts like Newista which is now acquired by [Some Logic Inc] they always claim to be 99.9% uptime guarantee.

    But when they get problems they don't answer tickets.

    All your sites go down and you can do nothing.

    Who the hell is Some Logic Inc.

    After you acquired my sites are down.

    Anybody please help.

    Greetings from (your web hosting company).

    Today we are announcing that has been purchased by Some Logic, Inc and all hosting accounts have been assigned to Some Logic, Inc.

    How will this affect you?
    Your service has not changed.
    Your rates have not changed.
    Your support contact information will not changed.
    Your billing will not changed.
    Your TOS (terms of service) have not changed.

    You will see Some Logic, Inc. listed on your invoices, bills and credit card statements.

    We are exited about acquiring and will continue to add value to our virutal, reseller and dedicated server environments. We know that the previous owners were not able to maintain as stable of a hosting environment as you were probably expecting. We are rectifying that now. You should expect a stable environment and quick responses to helpdesk inquiries from our support staff.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

    Thank you,
    George Hubert
    President, Some Logic, Inc.

    Newista Sales

    Important Notes:
    - To get faster support and 100% communication accuracy, Please always use admin to open > read and update you

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    sorry i have to LOL for For name ;.. Some Logic Inc

    I'm sorry to hear that. How long since you opean tickets with help Desk?
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    Its already more than 5 hours

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    also emailed to support

    let see what's their reaction.

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    Well maybe their updating or transfering you to a new server...

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    Its not the way to update or transfer.

    My sites are down and nobody replying to trouble ticket.

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    Depending on what is going on 5 hours is not much, give them a chance, they might be upgrading services and having problem with the ticket system.. any number of things could be wrong.

    Let us know the outcome of this please

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    though email is bounced back because it could not be delivered.

    but my sites are up now.

    but its unbearable situation that they discontinue their support and make down websites.

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    Is this the only problem you have had whilst under this new management ?

    If so give them a chance, they might have moved you to a newer, better server, which in the end will be good for your site(s).

    Good luck for the future

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    though my sites are up and running but they have not yet answered trouble tickets.

    Good Luck to them.

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    Newista & Some Logic [No Support]

    Is there any other web hosting company link newista which didn't support to their customers?

    I was hopeful after some logic inc acquired newista but unfortunately they are working on same motto of

    i cannot create ticket and submit them .. because its returning 403 Forbidden Error.

    Anybody here can enlist more worst host than newista?

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    * my site is up with all the wrong files

    i have a shared hosting with newista and recently i got a mail that they have been taken over by another company and i had to update my name server. i did the same.

    the site which i host with these guys have tons of pages and makes $70-$100 a day in cpc ads and afflilate links. My daily check of my revenue stats showed $0 after the day i they said they were shifting servers.

    To my horror when i visited my site , the site had pages which were more than a year old with all the new pages missing i dont even have a backup of all the new pages and the old pages are up in the server with the new updated pages no where to be seen

    My old login in no longer worked. when i ticketed them about the old pages and the login issue. they ignored the message about the old pages and sent me a new login (2 days after the ticket was placed). again the new login which they sent me also never worked.

    The old pages are still there and they have given no explanation for what happened. I also had a dedicated ip for this domain which has been scrapped and this site is now sitting on a shared ip.

    The ticket which was created more than 5 days ago still is open without being solved. i have incurred lossed closed to $300 till date because of these guys. NO RESPONSE ATALL

    What do i do? please advice

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    shameless yes they are they ignored all my tickets about the old files and missing new files, and conveniently replied back to my ticket about wrong username and password by sending in a new one

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    logged into ftp and see that they have uploaded from a backup taken on the 8th month of 2005 more than a year of my works gone

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    NTHosts I think most Hosting companies would love customers like you!

    Be patient? No way!

    Poor Retire has lost his websites & email for over 5 hours. He still hasn't been able to contact any one. That's extremely bad support. Very convenient that it happens as the company gets taken over too!

    With support and service like that I would seriously consider moving away from them!!

    Retire any updates?
    It's a Savage Universe out there!
    Savage Hosting Ltd - CLS | MCP | ITIL | PRINCE2 | Nerd

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    My company is also a victim of Newista/Some Logic's poor customer support and unreliable uptime. I am pretty much in the same boat as darkblack and retire. My sites were down for almost 24 hours! I received no response with my trouble tickets. When they finally got to me, they followed up by creating a new login name for me and disregarding the issues that I had asked. This is also not the first time this has happened either. I've been with Newista for over a year, and it has been like this many times, though my site have never been down for as long as 24 hours before. I would definitely recommend others to look for another webhost and stay away from Newista/Some Logic.

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    newista uploaded a new version of the site yesterday evening, even though it was not the latest, i can live with it. No appologies, no explanation, they replied asking me to check the site and they have uploaded new files

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    I also cannot create tickets for suport. and they keep changing things and bringing the websites down without notice.

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    Have you tried to login here?

    Also, have you tried to email them or give them a call? Maybe that would work better then sending a ticket.
    Ryan Smith

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    Yes I have tried to call them several times (atleast 9 times) on 3 separate occasions. no answers and i never had a return phone call. emails seems to be the only thing that halfway works. it has been 12 days and multiple issues later, one thing after another, and atleast 20 emails, now my sites are finally back to where the originally were. atleast as far as I can tell.

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    Angry Escape Newista After Some Logic At Any Cost!!!!!!!!!!

    Guys I was thinking that I'm the only one with these problems but it seems that all newista customers are affected

    I was with newista for more than 2 years and everything was perfect along with support.

    But as soon as they went to Some Logic no single day without problem!!!!!!

    First of all they forgot to move my accounts to the new servers. Then their nameservers are not working correctly. Only one of the namservers is pointing to the right IP.

    Later, part of mysql database was gone after moving and after 7 days they could only find old backup and restore it(((

    Now, my websites are up only for 3-4 hours per day((((( E every time I write them to fix something they create new problems(((

    There is no reason to have website that is up only 3 hours per day!!!!!!!!


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    SomeLogics need some...logic!

    Well, I wish I could say otherwise, but I just received an email talking about transfers to newservers....

    I don't know better, but letting the customer know in "advance" (1 week?) about such moves might be a bit more logical.

    SomeLogics needs to get logical, maybe re-branding its name is the first step.

    I have decided to transfer some sites from another host provider (not newista/somelogic) directly to HostGator. I cannot afford to take a chance with somelogic anymore.

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