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    Need a realiable VPS


    I'm currently with Eleven2 (shared reseller account). They are good in almost all things, except working with emails (many emails don't reach customers and I don't receive some emails, so I have to use gmail account in addition to business emails + I don't know if my email was sent or not, seems their shared IP is in many spam black-lists, I can't send more than 6 emails at once when announced new version of software to my customers and seems they block my emails because I didn't get any reply from customers). Also they haven't available VPS to switch to and get dedicated IP. They are the best hosting provider I have experience with for now, but need more realiable email service for my growing business.

    So need realiable VPS hosting with 300-500 Gb of bandwidth. Price is not a problem. Currently looking at - seems this is one of the most realiable providers. Are there any good/bad experience with them or maybe you have good experience with other provider?

    Thank You!
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    Virpus is fantastic a company for VPS's in one of the best datacenters. I think they would be good for you, as well as ServInt.

    However, don't forget the dedicated route.
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    Quote Originally Posted by novarm44
    Currently looking at - seems this is one of the most realiable providers. Are there any good/bad experience with them or maybe you have good experience with other provider?
    I've been with ServInt for a few years now and I'm *very* impressed with ServInt's commitment to their customers. I'm especially impressed with the proactive approach with respect to hardware, hardware maintence, software, and customer service.

    Highly recommended. I'll be with them until a meteor hits their datacenter.


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    For some reliable VPS providers check out:

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    Bought VPS from ServInt

    Ok, I've bought VPS from ServInt, now moving nameservers and sites to them.
    Pre-sales and support staff are really great!

    Still like Eleven2 - they shared hosting is really good and speedy, however need more reliability for business emailing.

    Thanks to all!

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    I'm not sure a VPS is the answer. To me it is just a new selling hype, but sure you get root what.

    The best deals and reliability I have had is from a reseller account. My mistake is in not jumping to a dedicated quick enough.

    VPS accounts are jammed on to a server just like any other hosting account. As soon as someone gets a spike...boom you're down. Configuring seems to take longer and you have to keep asking for addons that seem standard with reseller accounts.

    In case someone asks, I do have two VPS accounts.


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    Another VPS benefit which will be relevant to the OP is the fact that you use/keep the IP. Less chance for the IP to be blacklisted and thus, less chance for email problem.
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    VPS accounts aren't always jammed / oversold. This depends upon your provider, the software they utilize, and the specs of their server. Its a simple question that most providers should be able to answer honestly if you ask them straight up.

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    Recently, I have got a VPS with servint, switching from bluehost shared hosting. I find the service is considerably good (I can say so far so good). I am hosting 4 web sites, but active sites are two.

    They are reliable and response is good.

  10. #10 is excellent IMHO, although their site and info are in German

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    I would highly recommend I have been with them since January 06, I can safely say that I have not been as satisified as I am currently with them. They're currently running some killing deals on VPS under 'VPS Hosting Offers' section. Good luck!

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