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Thread: Mini Modding

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    * Mini Modding

    saw this post on an other forum i vist alot and was wondering what other people think about mini modding?
    What to do if I think a post is incorrect or wrongly placed

    First of all, we aren't waiting for mini mods or backseat moderating.

    Erhm.. why are you saying these strange words?

    Let me explain a little.

    Alright because you are talking abracadabra to us..

    Mini modding is intending to be a moderator and in fact you aren't with answer's
    like this should be locked, wrong place etc.. is a mini modding post.

    OK, i got the point, what about backseat moderating?

    Backseat moderating is slightly different it isn't pretending to be a mod but acting
    like it with pointing and talking like it and in fact speaking for mods this must be
    locked MODS please lock, this is in the wrong place, MODS please move etc..

    OK, now it is finally clear for me but i want to help, how can i do this then?

    Just report it to a moderator, they will take care off it, we thank you all for reading.

    whats your stance on mini modding/ backseat moderating?

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    Lots of folks try to be helpful, but typically that just starts an argument. Good advice to just report posts/threads instead. No one gets mad at the reporter and the issue gets fixed while not having to clean up a long argument.

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    bah i thought this thread was about this kind of mini modding..
    <erno> hm. I've lost a machine.. literally _lost_. it responds to ping, it works completely, I just can't figure out where in my apartment it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ALGORYTHM
    bah i thought this thread was about this kind of mini modding..
    Me too, but regarding my precious mac mini

    Back on "topic", I agree with bear; it is best to just report posts and users.

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    I thought it was regarding Mini as in the car modding too.

    I modded mine somewhat. :p

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