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    Questions about uptime

    I have a site that was recently down for about 48 hours. The hosting co. uses hyperspin for uptime. During most of the downtime hyperspin was reporting status of unknown.

    While the status was unknown the host machine was completely down, the ip was not pingable, and because the dns server resides on the same machine the dns for my site was not resolving.

    Hyperspin is currently listing about 7 hours downtime for the server. So while status was unknown for 40+ hours that doesn't count as downtime?

    I know one of the things I look at, and everyone recommends looking at, when choosing a host is the downtime reports. If these aren't accurate then there's no point in it.

    So anyway, is this normal for site monitoring stats? If not, is it normal for hyperspin and what is a more accurate monitoring option?

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    On Hyperspin you can disable or schedule any downtime, during that time, probably the status is going to be unknow.

    We use Aletra and Hyperspin as backup and we are very happy with both.
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    There's also the possibility that during your server outage, the box itself came up at some point between reboots/patches/etc. So if HS got a reliable ping 7 hours before the site was "really" back up, they are most likely considering the last outage window a seven hour period.

    Pure speculation, but possible. I use HS as well and am also pretty happy with their service.

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    Hello tinytim,

    I'm not exactly sure about Hyperspin, but some paid uptime monitoring programs have a option of setting them to ignore downtimes up to several hours
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    Thanks for the info. I guess it makes some sense for things like scheduled downtime for maintenance and such but for the user using this as a gauge for reliability when looking for a host it seems very decptive to me.

    I would guess that some hours after it went down the host scheduled a downtime then or whatever the correct terminology would be. And no, it was not only unpingable for 7 hours, it was many more than that. It's not downtime for the outage but 7 hours total for the month they are listing.

    Oh well, due to downtime of 48 hours and less than adequate info during this time and after, as well as other recent issues, I have switched hosts. I chose a new host based on some reviews at this site as well as uptime stats. I hope those ones are more accurate.

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    As Jedito has said a host can disable monitoring so the status goes from down to unknown so they can prevent themselves from looking so bad.

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    So is there anyway to have more precise data on webhost uptime?

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    I would say "two heads are better than one" meaning two or more monitors on a server?
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    Huh... where am I again?
    When you schedule maintenance with hyperspin, the uptime reports states "maintenance" where down or up would be usually. Unknown could be that hyperspin couldn't really find the location or perhaps it was invalid.
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