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    NOC info request..Roanoke, VA/Citynet

    I'll be honest..I really felt to get to decent connectivity..I thought I must head back to the ATL. Interestingly enough..doing a google search on something else..
    I found this:

    Johnson City even has connectivity..which is not terribly far from me right now.

    How is Citynet? Roanoke is nowhere near the drive Atlanta colo facilities exist there? It looks like citynet has decent fiber there...and I'd wager other do too...after all..this is a market driven by demand.

    I'd centainly like to look *NOT* to have to make a monthly trip to Chicago..perhaps going North would be better than going South!

    I'd still like to make a go at a mini-NOC here..but it looks like AT&T and (gag) Embarq would be the only two reasonable options for several decent size pipes for a small operation. Say...there was a website..and I can't find it now..last year..when I got a quote from AT&T for a T3 and a few T1's. It was one of those referral tell them what you need and where you need it...and they refer you to providers. OC-12 would be sweet..but..I'm sure...$$$ bigtime.


    Bryon L Harvey
    Soil Relocation Engineer

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    Virginia does have a lot of connectivity available. You could always go somewhere like Equinix, with easy access to a lot of the big providers. Put a router in there, then lease a fiber cross connect to a closeby location built-out as a DC.

    Of course, it might be more low-cost to purchase a custom cage and resell that space and bandwidth.

    - Rory

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