xcsl.net 4/20/2007 (was originally intended for a counter-strike league)
g3cz.com 3/24/2007 (condition zero team Guns Guts and Glory)
gamefilms.net 1/26/2007
theuntoldpath.com 11/18/2006
winnixhosting.com 3/4/2007 (windows *nix hosting, I decided not to host Linux)
winnixhosting.net 3/4/2007
sinplicity.net 7/1/2007 (yes SIN not sim)
tntgamingservers.com 11/12/2006

All are with ENom. I will push for free or you can leave them in my reseller account and change contact information. Renewals in my account will be $12.00 per year.

All offers considered.