All Hallows' Eve is just around the corner and to celebrate, this weekend Wavestreaming are offering you some fantastic deals! These are open to all new, existing and previous customers.

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A great way to promote your radio station and keep your listeners coming back time after time, is to offer a great selection of archived content along side your live stream.

Wavestreaming has recently launched its brand new On Demand services, which are designed to do exactly this!

With Wavestreaming On Demand, you can upload your content easily and quickly to our servers via FTP - you can then link to the content from your website and allow listeners to hear back what you have uploaded.

Not only does On Demand offer powerful and optimized Windows Media based streaming, streaming files as they are being played but it also will prevent users from stealing your media files - meaning they cannot be downloaded and then uploaded anywhere else!

We have also got some great deals on SHOUTcast bandwidth going, how about 25 slots at 128k for only $25 (14) or if you fancy a few more listeners 50 @ 56k for the same price!

Remember to stop by our website to catch up on all the latest offers and updates,

Finally, all of us at Wavestreaming would like to wish you a great Halloween!

Happy Streaming,
Wavestreaming Team