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    hostpc tos says no awstats yet it has it

    TOS states:AWStats - Due to numerous security issues with this software, AWStats software is forbidden on HostPC servers at any time.

    and yet you look at their front page. it says it has AWstats. and hostpc, from what i've read here, has had it for years.

    so why do they make you disregard the TOS? not even disregard, blatantly disobey it?

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    Since we now have AWStats installed as a server level stats package, individual installs are not required nor needed. Use our install if you want AWStats. This way we maintain security and integrity with a single install. The webupdate feature is NEVER allowed.

    still not sure what is up

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    Their TOS might be outdated.
    I can't see it as a major you want that stats program or not?
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    I don't see any major issues ether, you would be better off contacting the host itself if you really want to work things out
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    I think it implies that they already have it installed on the server and available for clients like you. they do not want you to install it.... may be all you need to do is ask them for it and they would make it available
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    awstats is notoriously exploitable. They may have opted to install their own version and lock down based on that. I'd recommend going with theirs, as they offer the option. Though I'd recommend google analytics more

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    AWStats is available automatically to all new hosting signups. It can be turned on and configured from the DA control panel at HostPC. It's simple, quick and painless.

    There is nothing for the client to install or have to worry about upgrading everytime a new exploit is announced (though, thankfully, hasn't been one in a while).

    The way it's implimented at HostPC allows for the techs to maintain a more secure server environment. The TOS is correct in that CLIENTS are not allowed to install it on an individual basis for security reasons. The serverwide copy is kept up-to-date and certain exploitable features disabled (like the ability to update the stats on the fly from your browser..the #1 exploitable feature).

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