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    I am offering a cheap package for links.I have 2 sites that I am selling links on. There are a limited number of links so act fast. Its a web hosting company.
    Current Pagerank 5 / 10
    Pages linking to entire website 6,283
    Listings on Google Search 546
    Listings on MSN Search 115
    Listings on Yahoo Search 273

    I sell normal links on this site for 8$ a month General Web Directory
    Current Pagerank 3 / 10
    Pages linking to entire website 1,674
    Listings on Google Search 1,750
    Listings on MSN Search 256
    Listings on Yahoo Search 358

    I sell normal links on this site for 6$ a month and/or featured inclusion into my directory for $5 per month.Between both directories that is between $14 and $19 a month. But I am offering this to member here for $8 month for both link. If your interested in paying yearly I willknock 25% off the price and sell it for $72 per year. PM me if interested.

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    Those sites don't look finished, or is it just me?

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    Can you please send me some visitor statistics.

    Thank you,

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