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    Hiya! ^-^ Obviously, I am Yokura. XD

    I found this forum as well as the site WHReviews when looking for reviews for the company I'm currently hosted under. Needless to say, I've found a LOT of information. XD More than enough. Thanks to a lot of people!

    So I decided to join. Hopefully, I can remain active......

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    Hello Yokura,

    Welcome to WHT hope you enjoy your stay.

    Im glad you found WHT to be usefull for finding information on hosts so far.

    - James

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    Hi Yokura,

    Welcome to WHT.
    Where are you currently hosted at?

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    I'm currently hosted at Servage. XD Being naive, I signed up there. Oh well. It's not like I'm gonna exceed more than 100mb...... I'll stay there unless I have major problems. I AM only 13, so I'm not running any business of any sort that requires a really low downtime. I do want to expand my site. ^^;

    As of right now, our family really can't afford more than $10 a month to spend on these things..... so I was lucky dad even agreed to buy the hosting for me. XD

    By the time I might actually need more space, I'll be on my own, so I can choose a better host, but for now... there's really no point in changing hosts.......

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    It's not bad for a start.
    Best of luck

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